Poole and Parkstone Motocross Club

The newly ressurected Poole & Parkstone Motocross Club are back in 2018 with an extended list of dates following the club takover at the back end of 2017.  With some fantastically attended fundraising events last year the club have announced their 2018 schedule which is listed below. 

11th March @ Waterstone Ridge
8th April @ Plush
20th May @ TBA
3rd June @ Launcherly
1st July @ Monkton Wyld
29th July @ Tincleton TBC
12th August @ Crediton Raceway
9th September @ Plush

The club which has a long history caters for Auto's up to Adult motocrossers from beginners through to Experts.  For more info on the club join their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/296470660821412/