Cumbria MX



The Cumbria Motocross club are in their second year with the MCF and have announced their 2018 dates all of which will be held at the tremendous Route 44 Haverigg circuit.  With all events being run over a two day format they will have a Bar, Marquee and Music at each event.

The dates are as follows:

Now for the 2018 Dates all being held at Route 44, Haverigg:

Round 1&2- 17th and 18th March
Round 3&4- 7th and 8th April
Round 5&6- 26th and 27th May
Round 7&8- 9th and 10th June
Round 9&10- 7th and 8th July

**Please Note that All 10 Rounds Count towards the championship!**

CumbriaMx Presentation 2018-
28&29th July

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