Formed in 1967 and has always been involved in Schoolboy and Adult motocross.

Corsham SSC regularly attracts good line up’s per event and prides itself on listening to its members, investing in club facilities and organising first-class events, at quality venues at affordable race fees..

“Corsham SSC is run by a great team which we believe is a big factor in the success of the club “Our aim is to provide affordable racing at good tracks with a great no-marshalling family experience”.

Catering for riders as young as 6 years old, we pride ourselves on providing grass route experience for past, present and future motocross stars.

Corsham is an exciting and innovative club which we believe understands the requirements of modern day motocross events. Our no nonsence and approachable way of thinking is a breath of fresh air in another wise staid market full of red-tape.

Corsham is driven by passion and managed by common sense, we feel we are in touch with the requirements of the sporting family of today. We have been in the sport for the past 46+ years, and have created support for all levels.

Contact : 07887 512637 or 01225 344021 for further information…
Registered office : Corsham SSC Limited, 36, Methuen Avenue, Melksham, SN12 7AJ.