Williams World at PMXC

Williams World

Report by Kay Kennedy

PMXC Rd 4 Summer

Images courtesy of Derek Herbert/Click466.co.uk

Portsmouth MX Club were blessed with brilliant sunshine and blazing hot temperatures for the fourth round of their summer series at Rocketworld recently.  A well-prepped circuit ensured dust was kept to a minimum and set the day for some outstanding battles.

               First out were the MX1 boys, with Jake Penny taking control of the opening race. Being hunted down by second race winner Craig Daffin, the pair fought it out all day but Daffin’s spill in race three denied him the overall.  Penny secured first overall with Daffin in second.  After hunting the leaders down in the opening motos, Dan Lawler took the bit between his teeth and romped home to an amazing victory in the final race, leading from start to finish.  Going 3-4-1 he ended the day in third overall.

               TP Fox Holeshot rider Tobias Sammut was on fire out of the gate in the Big Wheel 85 class, but denied a top overall spot after trailing in at the back in the second moto. But there was denying the winner, Ollie Cole once again taking the reins in each race to take the overall.  He did have to work for it though as Thomas Casbeard and Vinnie Guthrie were on his case in each moto, Guthrie unfortunately sustaining a puncture to miss out on a top spot. Casbeard meant business and chased Cole in each moto, even though he slipped back in the final race he still secured second.  Robert Storer kept the leaders in his sights, super quick each lap to finish in the top six each moto. Going 4-4-6 he ended the day in third overall.

               A bumper crop of Small Wheels crammed the gate and provided some jaw-dropping action, with Alfie Calvert looking certain for a straight set of wins.  Blistering speed rewarded him with the opening two moto wins, but having to work his way up from mid-pack in the final moto denied him a clean sheet.  But tremendous riding saw his secure a third and took the overall.  Charlie Nightingale was desperate to get to the front of the pack, sliding across the holeshot line, he worked hard to improve his results through the day, holding off his rivals, and saved the best for last to secure a race win and claimed second overall.  James O’Mara kept in the thick of it at the front, keeping his cool in the heat to go 2-3-2 to finish in third overall.

               Brilliant racing by the Junior class, with Luke Richardson and Charlie Richmond going head to head for the win, but a nasty crash in the final moto left Richardson seeing the medics instead of the finish line.  After his triumphant overall the previous weekend, Charlie Richmond grabbed himself another win in the second moto, adding two seconds to claim another overall.  After sitting out for months last year due to a knee injury, Ben Sullivan came back with a bang, carrying on where he left off in the top three. Two thirds were topped with a brilliant final race win to end his day on a high, second overall for Ben.  Kieran Paget was on top form, and worked hard to improve his positions throughout the day.  An outstanding third in race three rewarded his efforts, going 6-5-3 to secure third place.

               The pocket rockets were out next, with Tyla Thomas showing everyone how it’s done. A flawless performance at jaw dropping speed saw him lead all three races and take the chequered flag each time. Overall victory went to Thomas.  There was a scrap pursuing between a number of riders, but Jacob Collins had the upper hand, and narrowly missed taking the lead in the closing race, but confident racing rewarded him with second overall.  Jake Webb was on a charge to get past Collins, working super hard as always to get to the top. Going 3-5-3 saw Webb finish in third overall.

               What a rider Preston Williams is! His superquick starts saw him push to the front from the off and pull out an incredible lead over his rivals, but Todd Leadbitter didn’t make it easy for him and worked tirelessly all day to take the lead, doing so in race two, but a heavy crash in race three denied him the top spot.  Williams at last had a great day on the track, no mechanical gremlins getting in the way, and with a second and two wins took the overall.  Daniel Roberts was a force to be reckoned with, super speedy, closing in on the leading duo, and managed to bag a second in the final moto to take home second overall.  Despite his disappointing third race position, Leadbitter still scored enough points to finish third overall.

               VMX were next to roar up the start straight, and it could have been anyone’s race with a mixture of riders all vying for top spot.  But it was to be Howard Standfield and Darren King who set the pace, and went head to head in the opening motos, each rider securing a race win.  King was determined to claim the crown once again and despite Standfields hard charge, rode to victory in race three and took the overall ahead of Standfield in second place.  Tony Hale looked back to his best and battled his way to the front of the pack, not putting a wheel wrong, chasing down the leaders to go 4-3-3 to take third overall.

               Last out were MX2, and another jam-packed bunch sped out the gate.  Aaron O’Mahony was quickest out the gate, taking the lead in each race, and took the final race win despite Luke Kennett’s efforts to catch him.  But Kennett took control of the opening motos, super quick on his 125 to take two wins, a second and the overall.  O’Mahony fought gallantly and remained in second overall.  Tallon Aspden looked great out in front of his rivals, battling hard with Scott Kennedy and Olivier Cook.  Aspden managed to keep a rampaging Kennedy behind him in the final moto, grabbing third place to take third overall.


VMX: 1 Darren King, 2 Howard Standfield, 3 Tony Hale, 4 Brook Alder, 5 Mark Morris, 6 Rob Topp.

MX2: 1 Luke Kennett, 2 Aaron O’Mahony, 3 Tallon Aspden, 4 Scott Kennedy, 5 Olivier Cook, 6 Ashley Senior.

MX1: 1 Jake Penny, 2 Craig Daffin, 3 Dan Lawler, 4 Mark Atkinson, 5 Josh House, 6 Warren Daniel.

Rookies: 1 Preston Williams, 2 Daniel Roberts, 3 Todd Leadbitter, 4 Callum Allison, 5 Travis Reynolds, 6 Liam Brosnan.

BW85: 1 Ollie Cole, 2 Thomas Casbeard, 3 Robert Storer, 4 Jack Milsted, 5 Domonic Newbury, 6 Caleb Holford.

SW85: 1 Alfie Calvert, 2 Charlie Nightingale, 3 James O’Mara, 4 Raphael Deering, 5 Max Brazier, 6 Finly Abbott.

Juniors: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Ben Sullivan, 3 Kieran Paget, 4 Kyran Nicholas, 5 Connor Williams, 6 McKenzie Saunders.

Autos: 1 Tyla Thomas, 2 Jacob Collins, 3 Jake Webb, 4 Blu Kinch, 5 Arash Deering, 6 Harley Swain.

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