Razzell Dazzles!

Report by Kay Kennedy

PMXC – Rd 4 Summer

Images courtesy of click466.co.uk

Well over 230 riders turned up to the popular Cusses Gorse circuit in Salisbury recently for the fourth round of Portsmouth MX Club’s summer series, arriving to a perfectly prepped and watered circuit.  Dust was always going to be an issue due to lack of rain for months and baking hot sun, but all riders coped remarkably well with the conditions.

            The big wheels first took centre stage, with another display of perfection from young Billy Simpson who romped home comfortably in each moto to snatch all three wins and the overall.  A brilliant battle behind him, Jack Milsted really showing his stuff, a confident set of motos leaving mum a bag of nerves, but he bought home a great result, second overall going 3-2-2.  Domonic Newbury fought hard with Milsted from the off, both riders bagging a second and third spot, but Newbury had to fight his way into sixth position in the final moto, still finishing in a commendable third overall.

            The smaller wheeled 85s were next, and it was TP Fox holeshot winner Charlie Nightingale who reigned supreme. Despite the attempts of a rampaging James O’Mara to steal his thunder, Nightingale kept his cool and won the first two motos, taking the overall victory.  O’Mara led from the off in the final moto, just doing enough to keep his nose ahead of Nightingale, going 2-2-1 to finish in a comfortable second overall.  Oliver Bordessa rode flawlessly, keeping the front runners well within his grasp, consistently finishing in third to take home third overall.

            Juniors next, and it looked as though Charlie Richmond was on for another overall win, two comfortable wins in the opening races, but disaster in race three saw the reigning Auto Club Champ having to work from the back of the field on lap one.  Amazing skill and speed moved him into fourth place and took second overall.  Visitor Jake Brown certainly put on a show for the crowds, impressive riding seeing him chase down Richmond in the opening motos, but tasted victory in race three to secure the overall win on the day!  Another inspiring performance from young Ben Sullivan who kept a cool head to remain in the top three all day, impressive speed from the youngster, going 3-3-2 to finish up in third overall.

            The Autos seemed totally undaunted by the vast Cusses circuit, tackling it all with ease, great to see a few new youngsters enjoying the sport! It could’ve been anyone’s game as a number of riders battled for the lead, but Jacob Collins powered ahead into first spot in each moto, staying on the pace until the chequered flag waved and took home the winners crown.  Liam Nardiello led race two but despite disappointingly dropping down the field, he still managed to bag second overall ahead of Jake Webb.  A brilliant start once again from Webb who looked set for a win in the opening moto, just being pipped on the last lap but held on to second spot. Going 2-3-4 rewarded his efforts with third overall.

            Charlie Razzell was on fire in each Rookies moto, a super-quick pace and dominating the field with ease, he romped home to a straight set of wins to claim the overall. Brandon Hickman and previous Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting Callum Allison went head-to-head for the runner up spot, both riders scoring a second and a third, but Hickman went one better in the opening race to bag another second and took home second overall.  Allison rode superbly well again to claim third.

            The veterans of the Premier class were next and there was no denying the overall winner on the day.  Darren King was untouchable, nobody within a whisker of his back wheel and he romped easily home to all three race wins in style.  Tony Hale was back to his best, trying his hardest to reel in the leader, but comfortably settled into second spot in each moto to take home second overall.  Despite not being able to master the rhythm section, shaking his head each time he came through them, the mighty giant Brook Alder put in an impressive performance, going 4-3-4 to take home third overall.

            The last two groups of the day certainly gave the spectators value for money as the fences were packed to watch some pure skill and supreme speed.  In the MX2 there was a four way challenge for the lead, but it was to be Brad Wheeler and Mitch Young who stole the show, fighting tooth and nail to grab the lead.  Despite hitting the gate, Young breezed through the whoops with ease, a pleasure to watch and tucked each race win away to secure the overall.  Wheeler didn’t disappoint the crowds either, brilliant speed and technique saw him just missing out on a race win but still secured second overall.  Olivier Cook and Luke Kennett fought it out for the remaining podium spot, both riders going 3-4 in the opening motos, but Cook managed to find the extra speed to keep ahead of Kennett in the closing race to bag third and third overall.

            You can always rely on Cusses to attract some pretty decent names in the motocross world, and the Club had the pleasure of a handful of Maxxis British riders in the MX1.  Nobody was touching James Harrison on the day, pure finesse, skill and speed was awe-inspiring to watch, a true masterclass of how to tackle the circuit. Easily going 1-1-1 left him the overall winner on the day.  A great battle behind from two former club members, James Rutter hunting Harrison down, with Harrison’s team mate Josh Coleman not far behind, the action certainly didn’t stop with the leader.  Rutter comfortably finished second with three runner-up spots with Coleman putting in a great set of motos to finish in third, going 3-3-3.


VMX: 1 Darren King, 2 Tony Hale, 3 Brook Alder, 4 Jody Barnes, 5 Daniel Cavanagh, 6 Oliver Nutt.

MX2: 1 Mitch Young, 2 Brad Wheeler, 3 Olivier Cook, 4 Luke Kennett, 5 Rory O’Connell, 6 Craig Weller.

MX1: 1 James Harrison, 2 James Rutter, 3 Josh Coleman, 4 Jake Deacon, 5 Justin Robinson, 6 Jake Penny.

Rookies: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Brandon Hickman, 3 Callum Allison, 4 Toby Saunders, 5 Liam Brosnan, 6 Xavier Cook.

BW85: 1 Billy Simpson, 2 Jack Milsted, 3 Domonic Newbury, 4 Charlie Cumming, 5 Austin Wild, 6 Caleb Holford.

SW85: 1 Charlie Nightingale, 2 James O’Mara, 3 Oliver Bordessa, 4 Max Brazier, 5 Tyler Kirby, 6 Haydon Harris.

Juniors: 1 Jake Brown, 2 Charlie Richmond, 3 Ben Sullivan, 4 McKenzie Saunders, 5 Connor Williams, 6 Noel Brooks.

Autos: 1 Jacob Collins, 2 Liam Nardiello, 3 Jake Webb, 4 Arash Deering, 5 Max Beaumont, 6 Kian Duell.

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