The weekend of 19th and 20th August saw Ultra 4 Europe roll in to the Kirton Off Raod Centre in Lincolcnshire for round one of the DTTE Rampage events for 2017. With a mulitude of vehicles from MX and Enduro Bikes through Stock, Modified, Legend and full blown Ultra 4 cars. Team Gigglepins Jim Marsden, with Matt Weaks in the Co-Driver seat, was probably the pre event favourite but a multitude of car issues kept him off of the top spot on the podium for the event. Nick Bolt was proving early on that the Modified class cars can hold their own over this type of event and was consistently quick and running at the sharp end with two race wins and two second places under his belt before the end of Saturday. Ryan and Corrilie Dunn set the fastest time in qualifying and set off at the front of the pack in race one, slipping back to end up fifth behind the legend car of Polska 1 in the hands of Raf Wyrzkowski & Wojcik Wieslaw.

The stock class was a bit of a war of attrition with the £250 Dicovery of Ryan Beresford and Ceejay State bouncing its way t the head of the pack after the four Saturday races.Tom Widd was on fire in the BIke class and had the 2 Stroke screaming around the track ahead of Scott Fisher with Vets Enduro specialist Steve Kemp running in thirdo n the fourstroke Honda. 

Overnight leaders were Tom Widd (Bikes), Ryan Beresford (Stock), Nick Bolt (Modofied), Robert Obloj (Modified) and Dan Rodderick (Ultra 4).

Three races were scheduled for Sunday and it was the big V8 of Mark Dean and Viv Veasey that took the first win with Nick Bolt having his first issues of the weekend and picking up a DNF. Racing for only one day it was Allen Sharpe that took second place with both 1 and 2 running Legend cars. Bolt started at the back in Heat 6 and managed to claw his way back up to sixth at the flag whilst Roderick was racing to cross the line keeping Sharp behind him by a margin of 0.35 of a second. Roderick looked set to take the final win of the weekend until the car started play up towards the end of the race allowing Sharp to once again close the gap and this time blast past on the run up to the line taking the win by 0.43 of a second, Obloj again picked up third spot ahead of Bolt. All eyes however were watching the endeavours of the Stock car #169 or Beresford and State, the pair were obviously having a great time with their grins visible everytime they passed the spectator area and heading for victory hill. Whilst a puncture had sidelined Mark Dean it was no issue for Beresford who, with two laps to go, picked up his own puncture but pressed on regardless taking the rock sections in his stride. By the time the 1 lap board was out there was no tyre left on the rim but still the pair beamed on in to the final lap to the cheer fo the crowd, by half distance the shocks were leaking fluid but still the pair made it to the chequered flag, the feat earning the duo Spirit of the Event and a free entry to the upcoming King of Britain event.


Final Results

Ultra 4
1- Daniel and Dave Roderick, 2 - Noah Gibbard, 3 - Jim Marsden
1 - Robert Oblog / Piotr Malinowski, 2 - Mark Dean / Viv Veasey, 3 - Raf Wyrzkowski / Wojcik Wieslaw
1 - Nick Bolt / Chris Bolt, 2 - Ryan Dunn / Corrilie Dunn, 3 - Will Overton / Darren Smith
1 - Ryan Beresford / Ceejay State, 2 - Royce Mallett / Gary Colley, 3 - Lee Stothard / Jared Smith
1 - Tom Widd, 2 - Scott Fisher, 3 - Steve Kemp
October 13th - 15th, Ultra 4 King of Britain @ KORC, Lincolnshire
November 18th & 19th, DTTE Rampage 2 @ Walters Arena, Wales
Words and Podium Images - MCF
Race Images - Simon Miskelly
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