North East Vinduro - Putting the Vintage into Enduro

Formed in 2017 by Gavin Douglas (one of the three original founders of VinduroUK) the North East Vinduro club are back in 2018 with two events with a possible third in the reckoning. 

The events have a true sense of adventure and are purely Enduro oriented with no modified MX bikes allowed so they are all about Classic and Evo Enduro machines.

Classes include:

 - 1994 to 1997 EVO II
 - 1990 to 1993 EVO
 - 1985 to 1989 Class A
 - 1979 to 1984 Class B
 - Pre 1978 Class C

Riders are also graded on ability:

Expert: For the more experienced rider/racers competing with extra laps, expert only loops and shorter times to complete them in.
Clubman A: For the accomplished rider/racer not quite ready to move into expert class but running the expert loops with the Clubman B time allowances.
Clubman B: For the accomplished riders/racers looking for more of a challenge with extra laps and shorter times than the sportsman class.
Sportsman: For riders with less experience and beginners. This is the first competitive class but riders are more than welcome to just ride and not feel pressure to be competitive.
The first event will be the legendary Hot Trod Doddington Two Day Vinduro on the 23rd and 24th of June followed by the Fowberry Moor Vinduro on the 22nd and 23rd September with a further Hare and Hounds event to be added to the calendar in the near future.
For more info on these events visit: or their facebook group
or email Gavin Dougls at [email protected]


Photo by Cool Hi-Fi


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