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Report by Kay Turner, PMXC

Binsted, Rd 2 Summer

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At last the weather played into Portsmouth Motocross Club’s hands, a beautiful sunny albeit breezy and cold day for the second round of their summer club championship at the old-school Binsted circuit.  An amazing turnout of well over 220 riders helped all the mums celebrate Mother’s Day – well where else would us mums want to be?!

               A perfectly respected minutes silence for Mark Hucklebridge, who unfortunately recently lost his battle with cancer, started the day off, only to be followed by rapturous engine revving as the MX2 got onto the start line.  All riders gunning for the holeshot line, with Luke Kennett grabbing the first TP Fox Holeshot award, but a red flag denied him from keeping the lead. The re-run saw Bradley Wheeler take control and led each moto to grab a comfortable overall.  Kennett stayed in contention and easily took home second overall.  A welcome return by Aaron O’Mahony who showed off some incredible pace, so quick he seemed to miss some of the track ….. a great comeback to finish in third overall.

               MX1 holeshot winner Kevin Taylor unfortunately only made it over the holeshot line, next stop A&E! It was to be Nicky Watts who totally dominated the class, not shutting off for one second and even without a back brake still managed to take a clean sweep of all three wins and the overall.  Craig Daffin pushed hard to try to catch Watts, always with the leader in his sights, going 2-3-3 for second overall.  Jake Penny got caught up in the holeshot crash and hard to work hard to fight his way back to ninth place.  But he totally redeemed himself in the last two motos, straight into second place which he held until the finish flag, third overall on the day.

               BW85 were next and Ollie Cole tool control of the group, the runaway leader in all motos and overall winner on the day.  Joseph Leyland and Tobias Sammut put up a good fight behind, with Sammut, who returned from a recent shoulder injury, bagging some great holeshots to push his way to the front of the pack.  Leyland rode at his best, supreme speed keeping Sammut just behind him, and took second overall with Sammut finishing in third.

               What a battle in the smaller wheeled 85 class! With three riders contending for a win, Oliver Kilgour, Charlie Nightingale and James O’Mara, it made for some outstanding racing! Kilgour had a near-on perfect day on the track, two comfortable wins rewarded him with the overall.  James O’Mara grabbed the last race win, after riders chopped and changed positions, finishing the day 3-3-1 to take second overall. Nightingale just missed out on a win, making a real hard charge through the pack to work his way up into fourth in the final moto, but with two impressive seconds he finished the day in third overall.

               Harvey Antrobus certainly wowed the crowds in the Junior class, incredible speed from such a small bike and small person to lead from start to finish and took away the overall victory, going 1-1-1.  Charlie Richmond was on a rampage behind, blistering speed to keep up with the leader, and without putting a wheel wrong took second overall.  Kieran Paget was on a mission, shooting out the gate to head straight into the top flight of riders and easily stayed in the top three for the opening motos.  Losing third place to Rider of the Meeting Romeo Mead in the last, Paget still finished in a respectable fifth to take third overall.

               The Auto riders were equally rapid and made light work of the bumpy circuit.  Jacob Collins rode a near-on perfect set of races, two race wins to be proud off, and a big smile on his face as he took the overall victory.  A brilliant first ever race win by Jake Webb started his day off on a high, absolutely flying all day, and despite a couple of crashes he still managed to secure second overall, going 1-4-2.  Arash Deering and Harley Swain went head to head in all three motos, but with Swain crashing heavily, Deering maintained his position, a brilliant second in race two highlighting the youngsters speed and confidence on the track, taking away third overall.

               A three way battle took place at the front of the Rookies class, with Lewis King London looking set to take all three race wins.  Bagging races one and two, he took off on a charge to secure number three, but Charlie Razzell had other ideas and a super smooth move over the finish line rewarded him the race win.  London still finished in second to secure the overall win.  A 3-2-1 gave Razzell an impressive second overall.  Michael Eggett was in the thick of it too, battling hard with both riders to try to get onto top spot.  A second and two thirds rewarded him with third overall.

               The Premier class were last to take centre stage, and a mixed bag of riders vied for overall supremacy.  Despite having to work his way from mid-pack in race three, Darren King still dominated the opening motos, perfect speed and precision rewarding him with the race wins and the overall victory.  Howard Standfield wasn’t too far behind and put in a blistering moto in the last, just being pipped at the post by Brad Aspden to finish in second, but going 6-2-2 gave him second overall.  Mark Morris was hot on the leader’s heels in race one, finishing in second in the opener. Despite slipping down the race order in the remaining motos, Morris still finished in third overall, going 2-4-5.


VMX: 1 Darren King, 2 Howard Standfield, 3 Mark Morris, 4 Tony Hale, 5 Brook Alder, 6 Martin Bradbury.

MX2: 1 Bradley Wheeler, 2 Luke Kennett, 3 Aaron O’Mahony, 4 Olivier Cook, 5 George Smith, 6 Scott Kennedy.

MX1: 1 Nicky Watts, 2 Craig Daffin, 3 Jake Penny, 4 Oliver Pope, 5 Jordan Carrier, 6 Matt Nash.

Rookies: 1 Lewis King London, 2 Charlie Razzell, 3 Michael Eggett, 4 Callum Allison, 5 Ben Watts, 6 Xavier Cook.

BW85: 1 Ollie Cole, 2 Joseph Leyland, 3 Tobias Sammut, 4 Robert Storer, 5 Domonic Newbury, 6 Jack Milsted.

SW85: 1 Oliver Kilgour, 2 James O’Mara, 3 Charlie Nightingale, 4 Max Brazier, 5 Aidan Brooks, 6 Jacob Ball.

65s: 1 Harvey Antrobus, 2 Charlie Richmond, 3 Kieran Paget, 4 McKenzie Saunders, 5 Mitchell Woodward, 6 Noel Brooks.

Autos: 1 Jacob Collins, 2 Jake Webb, 3 Arash Deering, 4 Blu Kinch, 5 Harley Swain, 6 Archie Edwards.

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