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PMXC – Round 5

Report by Lee Bolt, Images courtesy of

Images: Nev Bradshaw, Ben Sullivan (65cc Start), In memory of Brad Hooper, Tony Fourtime

Round five took the Portsmouth MX Club to Grittenham, Royal Wootton Bassett recently. As the sun broke through mid-morning, it turned into a scorcher. The track was well ripped in the morning but the circuit ended up rough as the sun baked the ground hard. A minute silence then a balloon release was held in tribute to Brad Hopper who sadly passed away three years ago. Thank you to everyone for your respect in honour of Brad.

Rookies started the day off. Lewis King London put himself up front from the off, Lewis took 2 wins on the day and a 2nd, and it was all smiles in the London camp as he also claimed the Brad Hooper Memorial Award for winning the class overall. Callum Allison was the man who grabbed 2nd, a 5th in race 1 was his worst result! Upping his game Callum secured 2 solid 2nds to take home 2nd overall. Tommi Davis day went from bad to worse, despite flying out the gate and won race 1. A rear wheel puncture lost him the lead in race 2, and with an even worse final race it cost Tommi a higher position, but 3rd overall is still positive.

SW85 out next and it was super-fast Jak Taylor who took the win. Jak had to work his way through the field in race 1 but once he got there he was off, it was brilliant to watch Jak ride. Jak secured all 3 victories on the day. 2nd place was Charlie Nightingale. Charlie also had to work through the pack in a couple of races, but a solid day for Charlie going 2-4-2 that gave him the runner up spot. Fast out the gate was 3rd place Oliver Kilgour. Unfortunately Oliver was unable to maintain his lead with a couple of offs, but his best race result was in race 2 coming home behind Taylor to take a solid 2nd place. 4-2-4 gave Oliver the last step of the podium.

Juniors were eager for the gate to drop. There was a couple of first corner crashes in this group. Charlie Richmond was left on the deck in race one, and despite working his way through the field had to face a DNF due to a broken chain.  Also involved in was Ben Sullivan. Ben rode like a man possessed in race two to come from last all the way through the field to take 2nd a win and another 2nd gave Ben the overall on the day. Super bright Scott Harris was very consistent pounding lap after lap hitting, his line every time and going 3-3-3 earnt Scott 2nd overall. Also caught up in the first corner mayhem was 3rd place Kieran Paget. Kieran also fought his way back through the field. 2-6-4 and 3rd overall.

The Autos were dominated by Jacob Collins, a flawless display of how to ride a 50cc machine to the maximum. Jacob had his bike on the limiter a lot during the day. The only thing the other kids saw of Jacob was his dust. A fantastic day going 1-1-1. The next place was anyones but it was Callum Betteridge who took home the runner up spot. Callum proved he got better as the track got rougher. 6-4-2 and 2nd overall. 3rd place went to Harley Swain - a mixed bag of results for Harley but 2-6-5 still gave the little lad 3rd overall for the day.

The premier class out next and it was the King who took the overall. Darren was kept honest all day by 2nd placed Howard Standfield. Great racing by these 2 who are still super-fast at their age.  King went 1-1-2 with Standfield finishing 2-2-1 after a disappointing last round. Brilliant racing gents! Although 3rd place Tony Hale appeared to be shattered after just the start straight in race 1 as he took a lay down, but it was just a small crash. A fantastic ride back through the pack going 6-3-3 gave Tony the final step on the podium.

MX2 was graced by ex-British rider Neville Bradshaw. Neville entertained the crowd on his old school 125 and seemed to be playing and pushing his brother in law Luke Kennet all day long. Nice to see two 125cc taking to the front of this competitive field of 4 strokes. Bradshaw went 1-1-1 and Kennet went 2-2-2. Olivier Cook was the best of the rest. Still young and only in his first year of MX2 Olivier is already making a name for himself in the group. Super solid 3-3-3 after keeping the front two behind him for a while gave Olivier 3rd overall.

MX1 was also won by ex-British rider Liam Garland. Liam now unable to race at a pro standard due to injury is now just riding for fun. Super smooth Liam was untouchable. He produced great speed and style all day. 2nd went to Ben Harrison. Ben also on an Evo 2 stroke which he built himself, showing you don’t need a modern machine to be fast! Some tight racing between him and 3rd place Jake Penny. These 2 battled hard all day and were separated by just 1 point, Harrison went 3-4-2 and Penny went 2-3-5.

Last out were the big wheel 85s. It was a brilliant day for Thomas Casbeard. Some great speed shown by Thomas with only a small mistake in race 2 which stopped him from taking a clean sweep. An amazing result from Jack Milsted who took 2nd overall. A cheeky win in race 2 accompanied by 2 solid 3rds gave Jack the runners up spot. Mr Holeshot Tobias Sammut also had a brilliant day. After returning from Italy, he proved the tough track conditions couldn’t stop the man on a mission. 2-4-2 and 3rd for the day. Hope all injured rider heal soon and again a massive thank you for the respect and memory of Brad#23



VMX: 1 Darren King, 2 Howard Standfield, 3 Tony Hale, 4 Mark Morris, 5 Martin Bradbury, 6 Rob Topp.

MX2: 1 Neville Bradshaw, 2 Luke Kennett, 3 Olivier Cook, 4 Michael Merrick, 5 Craig Weller, 6 Bethany Farmer.

MX1: 1 Liam Garland, 2 Ben Harrison, 3 Jake Penny, 4 Karl Noble, 5 Jamie Dixon, 6 Dan Lawler.

Rookies: 1 Lewis King London, 2 Callum Allison, 3 Tommi Davies, 4 Thomas Shutler, 5 Liam Brosnan, 6 Brandon Hickman.

BW85: 1 Thomas Casbeard, 2 Jack Milsted, 3 Tobias Sammut, 4 Domonic Newbury, 5 Jake Wotherspoon, 6 Robert Storer.

SW85: 1 Jak Taylor, 2 Charlie Nightingale, 3 Oliver Kilgour, 4 James O’Mara, 5 Fletcher Ridout, 6 Jacob Ball.

Juniors: 1 Ben Sullivan, 2 Scott Harris, 3 Kieran Paget, 4 Connor Williams, 5 McKenzie Saunders, 6 Cayleb Day.

Autos: 1 Jacob Collins, 2 Callum Betteridge, 3 Harley Swain, 4 Liam Litchfield, 5 Jake Webb, 6 Arash Deering.

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