MCF Team Event

MCF Grand Slam and Team Event

Back in 2010 the first of the MCF Grand Slam events was staged at Foxhill on the outskirts of Swindon, over the years the event event has evolved and changed.  Traditionally the event has als been the event that has been the culmination of the Youth League but with an increase in clubs over the last few years the event has become a seperate, stand alone meeting with the emergence of the Team Event.

The Team Event is where clubs put forward a team of riders that will compete over five blocks of racing, scoring points towards the team total and crowning the season Club Team winners, the positions of the clubs riders in the overall has also determined the final points scored towards the MCF Youth League and the League Champions are crowned on the same day. 

The Grand Slam has always been about the individual riders and the leading contenders from around the clubs championships competing as part of the club team are given the opertunity to pit their skils against the best from the other MCF Clubs. This event will be staged by the MCF, giving all of the hard working club officials a day of rest.

The date for the 2017 MCF Grand Slam is 9th and 10th September and will be held at Culham on the bank of the Thames just outside of Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

Grand Slam & Team Event Winners

2016 Grand Slam Champions

Auto - Graham Haddow, 65cc Junior - Tyla Hooley, Small Wheel - Olly Davidson
Big Wheel - Luke Goodwin, Rookie - Jake Deacon, AMX - Bradley Wheeler, Open - Corey Hockey
2016 Team Champions
Portsmouth MXC

2015 Grand Slam Champions

Auto - Louis Vincent, 65cc Junior - George Hopkins, Small Wheel - Louie Kessell
Big Wheel - Ben Burridge, Rookie - Aaron Gordon, AMX - Corey Hockey, Open - Jake Boyes
2015 Team Champions
South Somerset MXC
2014 Grand Slam Champions
Auto - Tobias Gray Richardson, 65cc Junior - Vinnie Guthrie, Small Wheel - Tyler Rowe
Big Wheel - Sam Price, Rookie - Harry Linton, AMX - Neil Roe, Open - Tommy Alba
2014 Team Champions
South Somerset MXC
2013 Team Champions
90 Racing MXC
2012 Grand Slam Champions
Auto - Raife Broadley, 65cc Junior - Scott Russell, Small Wheel - Tom Lockhart
Big Wheel - Mithcell Lewis, Rookie - Matthew Callaghan, AMX - Lewis Trickett
2012 Team Champions
East Kent SSC
2011 Grand Slam Champions
Auto - Liam Gale, 65cc Junior - Scott Russell, Small Wheel - Taylor Hammal
Big Wheel - Matthew Callaghan, Rookie - Reece Desoer, AMX - Rob Clitheroe
2011 Team Champions
South Somerset MXC
2010 Grand Slam Champions
Auto - Liam Gale, 65cc Junior - Bradley Flagg, Small Wheel - Todd Kellett
Big Wheel - Ben Putnam, Rookie - Tommy Alba, AMX - Warren Field
2010 Team Champions
South Somerset MXC