Manchester Arena
Sat 6th January
Metro Radio Arena
Sat 13th January
Genting Arena
Sat 20th January
The SSE Arena
Fri 26th January
Sat 27th January
The SSE Arena
Sat 3rd February
Sheffield Arena
Sat 10th February



Event Schedule 2018
Round 1 - Saturday 6th  January, Manchester Arena, Manchester
Round 2 - Saturday 13th January, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Round 3 - Saturday 20th January, Genting Arena, Birmingham
Round 4 & 5 - Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January, SSE Arena, Belfast
Round 6 - Saturday 3rd February, The SSE Arena, Wembley, London
Round 7 - Saturday 10th February, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield
Please note that we are only taking a maximum of 12 riders in each youth class with the best 6 results from 7 rounds to count for the Championship!

Each youth rider will take part in:

  • 1 x Timed practice sessions (daytime)
  • 1 x Timed qualification session (daytime)
  • 1 x Daytime race (non public)
  • 1 x Evening race (all entered riders are guaranteed to qualify to race)

​Please note the qualification is for start line positions only. ALL riders accepted qualify for the show performance.
Every rider is required to complete every line of the application. Part filled forms WILL BE REJECTED

2018 MCF Licence & Club Membership

In order to take part in the 2018 Arenacross series youth riders are required to become an annual member of an MCF Affiliated MX Club (For Youth riders only). For information on clubs please contact 08454 750057 or visit the MCF website. All Pro riders are required to take a FULL Pro Licence.

All members are required to hold a 2018 MC Fderation annual licence, forms and renewals are available at as of 1st November.

Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan

To assist with the cost for the membership and race entries, the MCF are offering a monthly payment planas follows;
£99 Initial paypment to secure and guarantee your entry. Then five equal instalments of £158.60 on the following dates.
1st October | 1st November | 1st December | 1st January | 1st February

Non-Payment Plan

The non-payment plan requires membership deposit of £199.00 to secure and guarantee your entry.
Then each round entry fee paid 7 days prior to each round.





(not guaranteed)


AX Pro Class.................................Open Capacity..................................................Contact 08454750096 (£299)
AX Pro Lites.................................150cc 2 Stroke / 250cc 4 Stroke.....................£199
65cc AX Youth..............................65cc 2 Stroke / 110cc 4 Stroke......................£199 
Supermini AX Youth...................85cc 2 Stroke / 150cc 4 Stroke.......................£199
**AX Supermini - 10 to 15 years
***Pro Lites - 14 to 23 years
ages taken on 1st January 2018

Entry Fees Per Round:

All classes 1 night events - £99
All classes 2 night events - £149

Entry Fee Includes: 

 >>  Track & Pit Access pass for the rider
 >>  Track and Pit Access pass for one extra person
 >>  A rider is entitled to purchase a maximum of three extra Track & Pit Access passes where you will gain daytime access throughout practice and qualification as well as a seated position within the riders seating block. 
You will need to purchase these from the event at signing on with the MCF.



By completing and signing the 2018 Arenacross Membership Form you are committing to competing in a minimum of 7 rounds of the series. Withdrawals and refunds will only be considered with an accompanying medical certificate.

I, the undersigned, apply to enter the championship described in this registration form.
In consideration of being permitted to participate in this championship I declare as follows:

·         That I have read the Rules and Regulations for the MC Federation, the Supplementary Regulations and entry form (when applicable) and I agree to be bound by them in every respect.
·         That I am fit and not suffering from any physical or mental disability, which would impair my safe participation in the event. I undertake to inform the MC Federation immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason to or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to participate in this series.
·         That I have completed a medical questionnaire form (as requested during your licence application) and that I will inform the MC Federation should my medical status change.
·         As a participant I may be exposed to the risk inherent in motor sport and that I am prepared to take such risks.
·         I agree that I shall not seek to claim against MC Federation, the organisers, their officials, the land owners, the promoter or other bodies or individuals connected with the event(s) in respect of any damage to my property howsoever caused, and whether by negligence or breach of statutory duty of the said bodies or persons.
·         I acknowledge and accept that MC Federation do not provide personal accident insurance.
·         I further agree that photographs and video footage may be taken and used in the public domain.

I have read and agree to the following declaration and paragraphs below, which are designed to create a legally binding relationship in return for being permitted to enter and compete in the series.

1.     I confirm that the information on this Membership Form and the information and my acceptance of the terms of my MC Federation Competition Licence are correct.
2.     I confirm that I understand the nature of the Competition Series I am entering and I am competent to take part.
3.     I confirm that any vehicle that I use will comply with the regulations and will be safe and fit for use in the competition.
4.     I will satisfy myself before taking part (by sighting lap or otherwise) that the venue and track is acceptable to me with regard to its features and physical layout (unless prohibited to do so).
5.     I will NOT take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue.
6.     I accept that competition in motor sport may involve the risk of injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk.
7.     Before taking part in the event I will read and be bound by and comply with any regulations and final instructions issued by the organisers, the circuit owners and the regulatory body.
8.     I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs and if I am taking any prescribed medication I will inform the event organiser and seek approval prior to participation.
9.     I will take note of all instructions given to me by officials of the competitions.
10.   I will take note of all instructions given to me by officials of the competitions.


Please insert parent / guardian name if rider is under 18 years of age

All items marked * are mandatory fields